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Dowar El Bom
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The film revolves around the inhabitants of a Moroccan village (Al-Boum roundabout) located between the mountains of the High Atlas, who spend their lives in alternating with guarding a prison connected to the rotor by a bridge suspended in the air over a steep valley, so that the director chooses to shed camera lenses on the story of the hero "Saeed"; He is a simple man, unfortunately out of school, spending his life alternating with other prison guards at the prison gate.

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Sunday 26 July 18:00 GMT

Monday 27 July 11:00 GMT

Tuesday 28 July 22:30 GMT

Directed by
Alaoui Lamharzi Azlarabe
Writter By
Alaoui Lamharzi Azlarabe

Mohamed Razine
Hassan Ben Badida
Amine Ennaji
Kamal Kazemi