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Hala Madrid
Sunday 16 August 18:00 GMT / Monday 17 August 11:30 GMT / Tuesday 18 August 22:00 GMT
Aflam 1

The work deals with the story of a politician from the fans of the Spanish team Real Madrid, who decides to impose his affiliation and love for the royal team on all the villagers and residents of the village and prevent them from encouraging any other team, specifically the Catalan team Barcelona, but it clashes with a barrier represented by a young man enthusiastic about his love for Vesca Barsa, to overcome problems and conflicts between them a game of ball Foot.

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Sunday 16  August 18:00 GMT

Monday 17 August 11:30 GMT

Tuesday 18 August 22:00 GMT

Directed by
Abdullah Al-Gohary
Writter By
Abdullah Al-Gohary

Abdelhak Belmjahid
Abdelilah Rachid
Latefa Ahrar
Saadia Azgoun