Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  ART TV Network announces new content lineup for Ramadan

ART TV Network announces new content lineup for Ramadan

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

With Ramadan 2020 approaching, Ramadan series will be diverse, featuring legendary actors and rising stars, including dramas and comedies. ART has announced a host of diverse series ranging from drama to comedy.

A list of series will be showcasing on ART channels

Sultanet El-Mo'ez

"Ghada Abdel Razek" plays the role of a popular woman who owns a food truck on Al Moez Street, which she inherited from her father and is spending to educate and raise her brothers. It is considered by the residents of the neighborhood as their only recourse in every tribulation until it happens unless everyone expects it to turn the balance of their lives.

Starring Egyptian actress Ghada Abed Alrazeq, Mohammed Hatem, Mahmoud Abed Alghani, Mai Al Ghayti, directed by Mohammed Baker, and composed by Eyad Ibrahim Abed Almajeed.

Shahid Ayan

a police officer, "Omar" who is characterized by intelligence and high efficiency, where a special investigation is conducted to search for his missing wife, although all evidence has proven that she was killed and events continue to reveal the mystery of "Omar's wife" and in a dramatic confrontation, the officer "Omar" biases to duty The patriot sacrifices every dear person who has redemption for his country.

Starring Egyptian actor Hassan Raddad, Hana Shiha, Basma, directed by Mohammed Hamaqi, , and composed by Ahmad Majy.

Jame Salim

four siblings who were adopted from different families after they demolished their house and all their relatives died. The children grow up in a completely different environment from each other, the difference that the viewer cannot expect is that the miracle will occur and the brothers will meet again.

Starring Egyptian actress Zeina, Mohammed Shahin, Dalal Abed Alazeiz, directed by Iman Hdad, and composed by Mohammed Nayeer.

Al Ekhtyar

The series deals with the life of Ahmed Saber Al-Mansi, commander of the 103rd Brigade, who was martyred in the ambush of the Burth Square in the Egyptian city of Rafah in 2017 while responding to a terrorist attack in the Sinai.

Starring Egyptian actor Ameer Karah, Ahmad Alawdi, Dina Fouad, directed by Peter Mimi, and composed by Baher Dwedar.

Forsa Thanya

The events revolve around the engineered Malak who experiences many emotional relationships and fails because of her love of work but soon finds herself in the hands of the greedy.

Starring Egyptian actress Yasmeen Sabri, Ahmad Majdi, Hiba Majdi, Nehal Anber, directed by Ahmad Sameer Faraj, and written by Mohammed Abed al Mo’ti.

Layalyna 80

The series revolves around the 1950s to the 1980s when a great struggle takes place between two families and events escalate.

Starring Egyptian actress Ghada Adel, Khaled Al Sawi, Sabreen, directed by Ahmad Saleh, and composed by Ahmad Abd Alfatah.

Regalt Elbeet

Timon and Pumbaa move to stay in their grandfather's house, and there they are surprised that they must take full responsibility, and join hands with the rest of the family to stand up to the owner of their grandfather's house because he is trying to take it from him to build a residential tower.

Starring Egyptian actor akram Hosni, Ahmad Fahmi, Bayoumi Fouad, directed by Ahmad Aljundi, and composed by Ayman Wattar.

Haris Al-Jabal
The work in an atmosphere of suspense and excitement deals with the stories of a tribe, where the year of death in which the region experienced starvation, disease, and drought led to wars and invasions between tribes for their survival.

Starring Egyptian actress   Saba Mubark, Munther Raiahne, directed by Saed Basheer Al Hwari, and composed by Hazim Faddah.