Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Hamiha w Haramiha
Hamiha w Haramiha
Daily From 2 to 31 March at GMT 20:00 / Repeat: 02:00 GMT / 08:00 GMT / 14:00 GMT
Hekayat 2

The story of twin brothers who got separated. One is Fatin, a lawyer who tries to enforce the law and achieve justice. The other becomes a thief called Misho, who's the head of a gang, and sees that power is always above the law. The two meet in strange circumstances and face many conflicts.

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Daily From 2 to 31 March 

20:00 GMT

Repeat: Daily

02:00 GMT

08:00 GMT

14:00 GMT

Directed By
Essam Shaaban
Writter By
Mohsen Rezq

Sameh Hussein
Ayman Zidan
May Kassab
Aaidah Riyadh