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Daily from 4 to 31 March 18:00 GMT / Repeat: 06:00 GMT / 12:00 GMT / 00:00 GMT
Hekayat 2

A businessman (Youssef Sherif) decides to return home after ten years abroad, during which time he's achieved all the success and wealth in the world. After a fateful accident, he loses his memory and struggles to know his true self and identity, as each episode unveils a further piece of the puzzle.

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Daily From 4 to 31 March 

18:00 GMT

Repeat: Daily

06:00 GMT

12:00 GMT

00:00 GMT

Directed By
Ahmed Nader Galal
Writter By
Mohamed Soliman Abdul Malek

Youssef El Sherif
Shery Adel
Sherine El Tahan
Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab